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Video Interview Tips

Due to the current Coronavirus outbreak many companies are changing their interview processes. Our clients and other companies are turning to video interviews to minimize in-person contact and continue hiring. The Connect Staffing team has gathered some of their best video interview tips to help put your best self forward via video!

  1. Be on time, prepared and check your technology before (make sure your internet connection is good, audio and video work, and that the correct video program is installed). This is a great resource for Zoom videos!
  2. Check your surroundings and make the setting/background look as professional as possible (interviewers do not want to see your overflowing laundry basket or your left-over lunch on the table).
  3. Smile and be confident/energetic – video interviews will only be awkward if you make them awkward!
  4. Sit upright and maintain eye contact (be focused and an active participant).
  5. Stay positive – ALWAYS!
  6. Dress professionally- from head to toe! True story: a candidate once dropped the phone/iPad and the interviewer saw that they were only dressed above the waist!
  7. Ensure the interviewer has your resume.

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