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For Candidates

The best way to get started is to submit your resume by uploading it through our website. This allows you to provide us with additional information that will help us find you the right fit, as well as lets you apply to specific job requisitions. Our online application has fields where you can specify your expertise in functional disciplines as well as practice areas pertaining to the legal industry, and you can provide us with any requirements regarding salary and transportation. This information is captured directly in our database and ensures that your profile remains fresh and you show up when we are conducting searches for specific positions, both now and in the future. The more you tell us, the better we can assist you!

You also can email your resume directly to or fax it to 470-222-8620.

You can search for positions using our Hot Jobs listings and applying online for a specific position. Keep in mind that jobs listed may only be a selection of those that we have available, so it’s important to supply us with information about your qualifications online and to your Connect Staffing recruiter. We have well-established relationships with many law firms and companies and have a good feel for the qualifications they seek, so we always let our clients know when we have a potential candidate of interest, even if there is no current open position. You never know what hiring plans may be in the works but not in the public domain as-of-yet. This is our greatest value.
No, it is not necessary to apply multiple times. Our recruiters do the work for you and will match you to all available openings.
When a job is filled, it is removed from our website.  For the most updated and accurate listing of available positions, please search our Hot Jobs. You also may find out the status of a particular position from your Connect Staffing recruiter.
Our recruiters prefer you to submit a resume first so we can learn about your qualifications and interests prior to speaking.
We prefer to set appointments with candidates after our recruiters have completed the initial pre-screening phase consisting of resume review and an email exchange and/or phone conversation. We do not accept walk-ins.
Unfortunately, we cannot respond to every resume upon receipt. We will contact you right away if we have a position for which you qualify; otherwise, you may not hear from us immediately.
Depending on the positions, we may have you complete on-line testing (usually related to software and office skills). Your recruiter will let you know.

Please be prepared to provide a list of 3-4 references prior to or upon meeting. We strongly recommend that you contact your references to get their permission and let them know that they may be contacted so that they are expecting a call. References are contacted by Connect Staffing representatives and may be contacted directly by clients as well, pending an offer. Don’t think of this as an after-thought: a strong reference package is a critical piece of your overall presentation.

All candidates, regardless of what type of employment they are seeking, should bring a a resume and a list of professional references. If you are considering temporary employment, please bring two forms of government issued identification (i.e. Driver’s License, Passport, Social Security Card, Birth Certificate).
Yes. Connect Staffing offers temporary/contract assignments and temporary-to-permanent placements.
Each of our Hot Jobs listings has a section on the qualifications required for the position. When you submit your resume to us we will review it to see which of our available positions you may be a good fit for based on your experience and qualifications. All candidates must be authorized to work in the US.
If specified by our clients, we conduct a background check that may include criminal, civil, education, credit and/or drug testing. In other cases, our clients prefer to conduct a background check on their own. Your Connect Staffing recruiter will let you know.
No. Our services are free to candidates; we are compensated by our clients. 
Yes, there is nothing preventing you from working with more than one agency. However, we caution against working with too many agencies, as it can lead to more work and confusion than it’s worth if the agencies have common clients. If you do work with multiple agencies, it’s proper procedure to require your recruiters to get your express permission prior to submitting your resume to a client so that you know where your resume is being sent. This eliminates overlap so that multiple recruiters are not presenting your resume to the same firm/job, which doesn’t look good for anyone.  If an agency isn’t willing to share a client’s name prior to submitting your resume, you should question their approach.


For Employees

Download a New Employee Package which consists of federal and state tax forms for Georgia, a candidate contract which outlines our process for temporary employees, a direct deposit form and a timesheet. Complete these forms as soon as possible and email to or fax to 470-222-8620.
Download a direct deposit form and return to Direct Deposit is best to eliminate lost checks and mail delays.
Once you enroll in Direct Deposit, you will receive an initial email to access your paystub. Weekly pay stubs are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via the web. The temporary password is “GoGreen”, you can change it once you’ve logged onto the system.
Connect Staffing employees are paid weekly for the week prior, provided your approved timesheets are submitted on time.  If you opted for Direct Deposit, funds will be deposited into your account the Friday following the week worked. If you are signed up to receive an actual check, your check will be mailed to you on that Thursday. We do not have an option to pick up checks. 
In order to guarantee payment on time, your timesheet must be submitted to Connect Staffing no later than Monday at 1:00PM EST and approved by your manager no later than Monday at 5:00PM EST. If you do not submit your timesheet on time, you may not be paid until the following week. An approved timesheet is required for payment.
Email timesheets to You must submit an approved copy in order to be paid.
Any time off must be coordinated through Connect Staffing, since you are technically an employee of the agency. Your Connect Staffing recruiter will contact the client. Even if you informed and received permission from your on-site manager, you must inform your recruiter who secured the assignment. 
Should unforeseen tardiness or absence arise while on assignment, please contact your Connect Staffing representative ASAP, as well as your on-site manager in the interest of time. 
Yes.  However, all discussions need to be between your Connect Staffing recruiter and the client. Please contact your recruiter if interested.
Please discuss with your Connect Staffing recruiter as soon as you learn your assignment is going to end to allow us time to find you your next assignment. 


For Employers

Candidates are thoroughly screened according to the needs of our clients. We work with you to complete a customized candidate assessment based on your specifications and set up a tailored software and office skills testing session for candidates if required.  Please Contact Us to speak with one of our Account Managers to learn more.
Yes. Please coordinate directly with your Connect Staffing Account Manager if this is a service you would like us to provide.
Connect Staffing employees on assignment will coordinate with you to obtain the proper authorized signature and submit timesheets to us.
Because we are a boutique staffing/recruiting firm, we have the expertise, dedication and flexibility to meet clients’ needs. We’re not a large firm with quotas that recruiters have to meet. We view this as a plus, so you won’t get hounded with calls, or pitched candidates or resumes that are not relevant to you. While we are smaller, we have invested in “big” technology, and our platform rivals larger competitors. Contact Us to learn more.
Yes, in many cases, we work remotely for our clients. Please Contact Us to learn if we’re the right resource for you. 
Yes. In fact, it may be in your best interest to work with several recruiters (within reason) because it can broaden the pool of candidates from which you can choose. If you do work with multiple agencies, we caution you to hold them accountable and require them to get candidates’ express permission prior to submitting resumes to you.  This eliminates overlap so that multiple recruiters are not presenting the same resume to you, which can put you in an awkward position. If an agency isn’t willing to share a client’s name to a candidate prior to submitting their resume, you should question their approach.
We offer ancillary services designed to support clients who may not have the budget for the traditional fee-for-placement model. Contact Us to ask about our a-la-carte menu for advertising, screening, reference checks and background checks.