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Go Bananas

Go Bananas! Candidate Referral Program

At Connect Staffing, we’ve found that candidates and colleagues are our best referral sources. To show how much we value these personal referrals, we’re offering the Go Bananas! Referral Program. Go Bananas! rewards referral sources (“Referrer”) for candidates referred (“Referee”). You can be compensated two ways:

1) Regardless of whether we place the Referee, Referrers will be eligible to participate in a quarterly drawing for a $100 Banana Republic gift card.

But there’s more!

2) For every Referee placed by Connect Staffing in a permanent position within one year of the Referrer’s submission, the Referrer will receive $250 in Banana Republic gift cards as a referral fee following completion of the Referee’s probationary period.

Note: Gift cards can be used at Banana Republic, Gap, Old Navy and Athleta.

Help us connect great people with great companies.

Refer the wonderful people you know. Help them get great jobs. Go shopping on us. Sounds good, right?

Simple rules:

  • In order to participate, Referrer must submit the referral via Connect Staffing’s website to include Referrer name and contact information (phone and email), Referee name and contact information (phone and email), as well as Referee’s resume.
  • Referrer may not submit Referee without first obtaining permission from the Referee to submit their name, contact information and resume as a referral.
  • Only one referral fee will be issued per Referee. If multiple Referrers refer the same candidate, the referral fee will be issued to the Referrer who first submitted the Referee using the proper protocol.
  • Referrers can only refer the same Referee one time.
  • You cannot refer yourself.

Remember! To qualify for the $250 Banana Republic Gift Card…

  • The Referee must be placed in a permanent position by Connect Staffing within one year of the Referrer’s submission of the candidate’s resume.
  • The Referee must complete the probationary period according to the contract between Connect Staffing and the Client (the standard probationary period is 90 days but can vary by client). If the Referee fails to complete the probationary period for any reason, the Referrer is not eligible for a referral fee.

The $250 Banana Republic Gift Card will be given following completion of the Referee’s probationary period.

So Go Bananas! and send us your referrals!

For more information, please Connect With Us.

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