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Connect Staffing has GREAT candidates that are #ReadyToWork! Whether you are looking for a permanent team member or someone to jump in on a temporary basis, we are here to help. If you are looking to hire top talent, feel free to reach out to us at to learn more about Connect Staffing!

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Phone Interview Tips

We are sharing our best Phone Interview Tips to help you ace your next phone screen or interview! - Be sure you are in a good service area and with no background noise - Have your resume and the job description in front of you for reference - Answer the phone professionally and speak clearly - Be completely focused on the call and do not try to multitask or do other things. Sometimes phone screening calls are the first impression an employer has of you as a candidate, so it is best to be as professional as possible!   See our post about Video Interview Tips!

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Connect With Us on Social Media!

Connect With Us! Connect Staffing now has a presence on various platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter! We post new job openings, tips for jobseekers, and Connect Staffing updates. Be sure you are following to #StayConnected with us!

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Video Interview Tips

Due to the current Coronavirus outbreak many companies are changing their interview processes. Our clients and other companies are turning to video interviews to minimize in-person contact and continue hiring. The Connect Staffing team has gathered some of their best video interview tips to help put your best self forward via video! Be on time, prepared and check your technology before (make sure your internet connection is good, audio and video work, and that the correct video program is installed). This is a great resource for Zoom videos! Check your surroundings and make the setting/background look as professional as possible (interviewers do not want to see your overflowing laundry basket or your left-over lunch on the table). Smile and be confident/energetic – video interviews will only be awkward if you make them awkward! Sit upright and maintain eye contact (be focused and an active participant). Stay positive – ALWAYS! Dress professionally- from head to toe! True story: a candidate once dropped the phone/iPad and the interviewer saw that they were only dressed above the waist! Ensure the interviewer has your resume. Check out our other post for Work From Home Tips. Follow our LinkedIn page for more job search tips. Visit our Hot Jobs board to view our current openings.  

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Work From Home Hacks

Connect Staffing, like many other companies across the US, has been working remotely for the last few weeks to do our part to #StopTheSpread of Coronavirus. For some, working remotely can be a huge change and is difficult to get used to. The Connect Staffing team has gathered some of our best #WorkFromHome hacks to help you get through this change! Create a designated workspace Go outside to get some fresh air- take a walk to check the mail or take your lunch outside! Keep your normal working hours- don't let sleeping in mess with your schedule! Make to-do lists to keep yourself on track Limit social media usage- it can be a huge distraction and can negatively affect productivity! In addition, one of our biggest tips is to communicate with your team. Clear and timely communication helps to hold the entire team accountable and on task. Hope this is helpful to our fellow remote workers!

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What’s Your Word for 2019?

In lieu of a New Year’s Resolution each January, I like to pick a word that sums up my intention for the year. This helps keep me focused and shifts the emphasis away from what I’m going to give up or avoid, to instead concentrate on what I want to move toward. My word for 2019 is proactive. pro·ac·tive adjective (of a person, policy, or action) creating or controlling a situation by causing something to happen rather than responding to it after it has happened. If you have work goals, the new year is a great time to be proactive about them. Is a lack of a certification or degree preventing you from getting to the next level? Instead of talking about going back to school or taking that online course, maybe now is the time to do it. Years ago, a good friend in his mid 30s made the courageous decision to go to college to earn his undergraduate degree, even though it would take him seven years to do so at night working around his then-day-job as a house painter. He said he figured that looking down the road, he could either be pushing 40 with his college degree or without it, and he opted to be proactive and go for it. Fast forward and he traded his painter’s overalls for a suit and went on to a successful career in communications working with movers and shakers in Washington, DC. True story! I’ve shared this on occasion with candidates who have lamented their lack of a degree holding them back and been so pleased when they call me years later to tell me that they too are now a college graduate and how [...]

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